1.13.1 Minecraft Server

A fantasy universe set in a high-medieval time, twisted by a dark and gothic tone.
Discover this world by yourself throughout a MMORPG based experience.

tremendous content - open gameplay - atmosphere

Come and let drop your last tear
Every kind of environment, covering 64km² playable surface. From the swamps and fields, to the fjords and rocky mountains, through the ruins and the dense cities.
You can visit every single place, enjoying this well-crafted atmosphere and high level of detail.
Hundreds of never-seen-before creatures, including monsters from the darkest parts of your mind, eerie characters, mighty bosses. Fade the line between darkness and reality.
Thousands of collectible items. Loot them, earn them, craft them, hunt them, buy them, sell them, collect them. Strong weapons, weak pieces of armor, unique treasures, magic enhancers, dark scrolls, crafting materials.
Ride your way : buy a horse, deal with the shadows, bring all your stuff on your donkey, burn the grass underneath your feet.
Find and use the way you want brand-new ressources you'll find around the world. Be a nice farmer selling your wheat, be a smith buying ores to craft swords, collect unique plants to design clothes.
Unique magic resource : Tears.
Feel the power rising within you along your trip. Start fighting bare hands, end up as a hero spreading his powerful aura, casting rains of meteors against god-like enemies.
Nothing Established
It is all about you, and the world. Keep in mind the fact that there is nothing set by default. You are free to do anything you want, the way you want. Everything is simple and intuitive.
A Deep Universe
Explore and talk with NPCs : find out about the whole Ulster History. Find out about the people, about locations, about creatures, about you, about items, about religion. Find as many families as houses. Get to know about their stories. Help them.
You can check the Wiki to learn about everything.
A Challenging Experience
There's no place you can totally be safe in. Trust at your own risks. You can lose anything and everything. Fear anything through a realist gameplay.
Role Playing
Be advised and set up a flourishing society, any kind of government, rules, safety. Do not, and the world will sink into disaster. Act the way you want, just like on a good old private Vanilla Minecraft Server with your fellow friend :
Become well-known, play as a shadow, assassinate the king, go on a trip to discover the whole History of Ulster, smuggle, gather people to rule others by force, sell lands, be a begger, be an honest merchant, be a fence buying treasures from all around the world, grow a family.
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